One Year Vegan Experience (And the best restaurant dish)

So… A little over a year ago, I’ve had my appendix removed, then after watching a documentary called ‘Food Choices’ I decided to become a vegan. Well, it’s been 365 days of being vegan, which means I have survived and still alive today without milk, eggs, cheese, red meat, chicken, or even fish. And I have to say, I am healthy.

Not going to lie, still crave a steak, seafood and even chicken. But just like when I quit smoking years ago and still crave one here and there, it doesn’t mean to just go for it.

And to be completely honest, I did it because it’s healthier, not because it’s better for the environment or whatever, yeah it’s all good and all, and you can call me selfish, but the way I was thinking, is that it’s better for me in general and the other good stuff come with it automatically.

Not to mention the fact that I live in NYC which is like a heaven for vegans and it did help a lot.

I’ve had so many new choices and alternatives, the majority of my food was home made, and my new best friend is a company called Gardien, smoothies, vegetables (frozen or none), and even eating out in a strictly vegan places. The best thing I have had in a restaurant is hands down the impossible burger:

See… It’s science.

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Any way, I am going to try to make it another year and hopefully more with this awesome experience.