The Post, The Movie, The Mistake, The Oscars

Being up for a nomination for the 2018 Oscars, which will be aired live tomorrow night. I figured to include this movie as the first in my movie and TV mistakes series and wait to see who will win tomorrow.

I’m still figuring the format of this multi part series, don’t know if I will include a screenshot, animated gif, or even a short video. However, this one is still in theaters, and luckily I always look at my watch for the exact time the movie starts.

When I noticed this error, I quickly took note of the time and figured it out. Now I’ll just have to describe it.

Within the 35:00 to 37:00 minute, the scene was of Meryl Streep and her daughter sitting in the living room reading papers and chatting.

Meryl puts her paper down on her lap and say something to her daughter, the camera goes to the daughter (that’s Alison Brie by the way), the camera goals back facing Meryl while the paper is sill on her lap then the door bell rings.

The very next camera angle is from behind Meryl and she is holding up the newspaper. That’s the error. I guess they took a couple of takes but did not edit the scene with the correct take. Or maybe they took a break and someone did not see that small detail.

By the way, the movie is awesome. Did you watch it? did you notice any other errors?

Top Movie (or TV) Errors You May Have Missed

I’ve always had an eye for the smallest detail and technicalities, watching a movie or a TV show is no different, I can spot a lot of errors and mistakes while watching a a movie or a TV show many times.

So throughout time, I have compiled a list of errors and mistakes and I am sharing it with you in this multi part series.

I don’t know whether it’s an editing mistakes, producers mistake, or even the director mistake, I don’t know if I should get a job doing that or even if such fun job exists, and in no way I am suggesting these mistakes are bad on behalf of the movie makers, I am simply pointing it out.

That being said, I will list each mistake in a post that I will link to below.

Here’s the list:

  1. The Post, The Movie