3 Years of Vegan and the Surprising Facts in Numbers!

Yesterday marked 3 years of being vegan for me. The health benefits are above and beyond. But in this post I am going to concentrate on the other benefits. I have stated before that I made the switch for health reasons and the “other” environmental reasons would come naturally.

Yesterday I visited http://thevegancalculator.com/#calculator and all the sudden I realized the impact. As you see the screen above it may look exaggerated at first, but after looking at their source at https://www.cowspiracy.com/facts it made sense.

By not eating chicken, cow, sheep, or any of the bi-products like milk, eggs, etc., I have single-handedly saved over 1000 animal lives.

Here are the numbers:

  1. Animal lives saved: 1,095
  2. CO2: 21,900 lbs
  3. Water: 1,204,500 gallons
  4. Forest: 32,850 Sq Ft.
  5. And 43,800 lbs of grain.

I look at these numbers and I have nothing else to say.

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