5 Years a Vegan

Today marks 5 years being vegan for me. Not going to bore you with details. But here are 3 of my new favorite items that only came out this past month from Whole Foods:

In 5 years I never felt like I didn’t have the choice. It’s really easy becoming a vegan today, everything is available. Premium chicken filet, ground beef, tuna, ice cream, etc., etc.

Don’t even dare say I don’t get all the nutrition my body needs, because I had this argument before and I won. You can get a much better plant based protein than animal based, all the B vitamins are available in multiple vegetables, all the amino acids are in beans and nuts. I feel great. I love the food. And life is great.

There are a huge community out there, for example on instagram: @datingavegan and @veganspy gave me so many great ideas and places to visit. I really like @orchardgrocer (orchardgrocer.com) thanks to Vegan Spy.

Any way, 5 years now. It’s been awesome. Looking forward to the next 5 😉

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